A To-Do List for 'Life'

I received a gift today from my brother, it was a book. A book which has been talked about and made its mark in one of the best books ever and also a book which I had only heard of so far. "The monk who sold his Ferrari" was here in my hands, waiting to be consumed.

With the thoughts to read it, I started wondering what else should be in my to-do list, not just for this day, this month or this year, but for Life? What is it that I can pin on my board and it will make me go through the day and make it worthwhile still? And next thought came.

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. - Napoleon Hill

I'm indeed not doing anything great here, but sorting my life and setting a few aspirations, thats what makes me do these small things, in a possibly okay way (I cannot take the liberty to call it a 'great' way yet). So, here I present you with an incomplete to-do list for myself. This is incomplete because I can never list down 5 things and say "Well! thats about it". For it to grow, it has to have the space, it has to have blank points and blank pages.

1. Read

With that book in my hand, the very first thought was to read it and not just this one but many more books. Thankfully I started my new year by ticking off another super-bestseller book "The Alchemist". (I can write a separate blog on that so need to stop myself here) That book gave me hope and faith. Reading can put the biggest turmoil to rest and yes it helped me heal a little.

2. Breathe

Well, don't we breathe all the time. We cant even live without breathing, but then why was this here on my list of "to-do" things. Breathing is not just a natural process that happens all by itself, but it can be broken down to "inhale" and "exhale". We inhale so much from our surroundings, but sometimes we keep all the pollutants in our mind and exhale only the bare minimum. Close your eyes and inhale, think of all the negativity and exhale, you will immediately feel lighter. They teach deep breathing as the first mechanism to calm your anger, calm your senses, calm every particle of your body. I was not sure why, even after understanding it, I didn't just breathe at times, the times when I was actually breathing fire, I guess sometimes you've got to let it out but anyways, right now its on my list.

3. Travel

Yes, Travel, as much as I can. It heals, it presses the refresh button on your senses. Once more, I started the year with a very relaxing vacation (you'll see that soon on my next Photo-Stories blog post) and it helped me in every way possible. Visiting a new place, treating yourself, being in nature, meeting new people and hearing their stories, travel changes you as a person. I want to keep doing it.

4. Write

Its not in the picture above but it will always be in my to do list, it helps me in ways I cant imagine. I just wish to be consistent with it. I have always used writing as an escape, I've written in my deepest times, I've written when I was smitten in love, I've written when I felt grateful for the things in my life, I've written when I needed help or when I lost it. It is a way of expression for me and it definitely helps me understand myself better and make me a better person.

5. To-Be-Documented


Its sad on my part that even after reading, travelling and possibly breathing I lost my cool very very recently, but sometimes you got to lose it, you got to take it out and you got to empty the vessel which is holding it. The list will anyways continue to grow and so many more things are going to be a part of it. It might help me become a better person, it might not! But as I say, I got to keep trying.

This is just the beginning and I hope it never ends...

Thanks for reading, please share your thoughts too on the same, I would love to seek suggestions for more things on my list.

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