Awesome Dads!

As cliched as 'Father's Day' may sound, it definitely calls for the celebration of fatherhood. A father is someone who holds out the umbrella for everyone in his family while drenching himself in rain. A father is someone who would always put your needs above his own. A father is definitely someone who makes the ends meet without ever showing it to you. A father is someone who will smile and tell you to go ahead and never look back. Sometimes we take it so literally that we even forget to look back at that very person who said it. And thats why we need days like this.

Me & My Dad at a recent wedding!

When it comes to my Dad, I love being biased to him (sorry Mom about that :D). I absolutely love that smile of his. He smiles a lot (just not on camera, there we have to catch his smile :D) and its the most friendly smile I’ve ever seen. I have seen him go through the toughest of time with a smile on his face.

"Dad, you’ve been my inspiration, my guide and my source of positivity. Its because of you that I respect each and every individual who raises a daughter. Whenever I hear anyone say I love my Dad, I feel they must also share a bond very similar to what I share with you. Dad I will always know that whenever I’m stuck, you’d have a way out. You are my strength and thanks a bunch for being with me always."

I am blessed to have found another father figure in my Father in law (Papaji as I call him). As in my husband's words..

"All I feel for you, Papa, is love and you have been my strength always. I look upto you and I feel from the bottom of my heart that if I could do even a quarter of what you have done for us, I'll be blessed"

Looking upto his Dad!

Its only once you have your own children that you realise the true efforts your parents must've put in your upbringing. After having our son, I saw what it takes to be a father in reality. I’m largely dependent on my husband for my son’s midnight tempers and tantrums. I still remember the time when our son was only days old and the father in my husband kept checking on him every few hours, is he sleeping well? why is he crying? is he colic? should we give him medicine? The worry, the concern it all comes naturally once you become a father, I guess!

Babies have this art of wrapping their parents around their fingers almost all the time. Our son was barely an year old when he  started acknowledging that dad’s home. By the time he was 18months he started waiting for his dad at the door. Once he got home, our son won’t let go of him. This has also been the time which my husband looked forward to every day. It only adds to their bond that my son looks exactly like my husband did in his childhood. Even the first word of our son was 'Paa'.

Our son with his favourite person!

We can never comprehend what our parents did for us until we do something similar for our children. I also realised, we can never love our parents as much as they love us. Call it Karma, but it’s something which we’ll experience too. Our children can love us exceptionally but never as much as we do. We can never actually equal our parents love but the least we can do is try and make them feel special on days like this.

So a very very Happy Father's Day to all the awesome dads out there!

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