COVID-19 LOG: 22-March-2020 The Janta Curfew

Today was the first day after we banned all incoming and outgoing to our house. It was a "janta curfew" to be observed by the whole nation, voluntarily from 7AM to 9PM. And follow, we did.

Yesterday itself, we communicated to our maid and cook that they can stop coming to work, it's not safe, both for them and for us. It is a paid leave for them. Fortunately we are left with one full time house help and even more fortunately, everyone in the family seems to be understand the current situation. We are a family of 10 (including my 5 month old daughter) plus a house help, living under one roof right now. The last I stepped out of house was on my birthday, March 5th, and that too for a necessary visit to doctor (No, I didnt celebrate).

The pandemic has already hit India and we are hearing exponential rise in cases now. Every WhatsApp forward, every social media post is about #coronavirus. Some are finding humour in it, others are sending precautionary steps. Everything, the memes, jokes, tiktok videos, news, rumours, and the underlying panic is about covid-19. Yesterday night, we watched the movie Contagion, which was released in 2011 but somehow strikes a chord with the current situation. The number of cases has risen to some 400 in a matter of days. Community spread has started. And we are worried.

Coming back to today, I must say I was relieved once the dinner was done. The only time I got to sit today was every time I sat to nurse my little angel and to clean her up. The cooking duty seems the most challenging one right now. Husband dearest helped for sure and it was due to him that I could focus in kitchen when I did. We made paav bhaaji today to celebrate the curfew and our first day home. (thats another thing that while I was chopping those hundreds of veggies, DH was conspiring to stop getting veggies from the market at all going forawa).

Genuinely, the pandemic is there, staring right back at us, but people are still not very serious about it. I just hope, we as a community can learn from other countries who are badly hit already, than wait for it to reach our homes to believe it.

Stay home stay safe!

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