Destination Maldives!

It was a long awaited vacation for us. My son's first trip out of country and our fourth wedding anniversary, needless to say it was special. We booked directly with the hotel and to be honest we definitely got the best deal out of it. We opted to go for a seaplane transfer from Male international airport to our destination that was 'Lux* South Ari Atoll'.

The Seaplane transfer: 

We reached Maldives in a pretty tired state. Up all night for an early morning flight and barely sleeping on the flight itself. So as soon as our seaplane took off from Male, we were in for a refreshing treat to our eyes. Cool blue ocean with coral circles, islands and clouds over it. The water was so clear that we saw white reflection of clouds in it. The whole view was heavenly. 

Views from Seaplane and Sunset Cruise (which we did later)

It was very different to ride in a seaplane though. I’d say the space inside the aircraft was pretty cramped up but the views made for it.

All my memories of watching the cartoon series TalesPin came back after seeing this for the first time..

The Resort: 

You know Maldives by the resort you visit! Most of the resorts there are on one island and one resort basis. We have been bowled over by the services of #Lux* before too and that made us go for it another time. More than the destination, it was Lux* that we wanted to go for. There’s no visual extravagance or lavishness there, but everything is modern, trendy and brilliant. The resort has all its decor mostly in white and sea green, which is soothing and mixes with the island life. 

The resort welcomed us with warmth and the moment we reached our rooms, we just wanted to relax. The ocean right in front of us, sounds of waves crashing, the greens around us and the sand.

We clicked the whites and the blues..

'Celebrate Life' and 'Smile all the stay' were like captions to the beautiful sceneries right in front of us..

and some greens too..

The Greens! and the 'Make a wish' tree...

They provided us with a baby cot, baby bath tub and stroller. It just made our stay more perfect and baby friendly.

The Food 

We looooved the food. Even after being vegetarians we had ample of options (and to be frank we went there with the least of expectations regarding food). Breakfast at East Market/MIXE, Lunch at Veli Bar and Dinner at Senses and Allegria, we loved whatever we had. The ice cream parlour on the beach became our son’ s instant favourite. His eyes would lit up every time we stepped in it. He had learnt saying ‘Water’ in Udaipur and he learnt ‘Ice cream’ here.

A glimpse of what we ate..

Post dinner time at East Bar was serene and relaxing. You can just lie on it’s extending nets above water and listen to the live music. 

Post Dinner at East Bar

The Water Villa

Yes it needs a mention of it’s own. We upgraded our later part of stay to the water villas and believe me, what is visiting Maldives having not stayed in one of these. We had one of the best evenings there, while Yash slept and we both just sat on the net gazing at the waves below us, clouds above us and feeling the most awesome wind through our hair. They say that the best conversations you have are where you don’t need words. We can just forget everything and enjoy the moment there. Yash too enjoyed the glass floor and kept looking for fishes and waves below his foot. He was amazed. 

Water Villa! water water everywhere :)

The Lux* ME spa

Thanks to my husband I had the opportunity to indulge in a relaxing spa. They gave me a free upgrade to water villa therapy room and that was an icing on the cake. It was like watching a live wallpaper below you while getting the massage done. The relaxation was not just for my body but for my soul too. Watching different types of fishes going in groups and pairs and then circling and coming back was just amazing. The spa in itself was rejuvenating. By the time we were done, it started raining and I could actually just enjoy the rain. It was also because I had no gadget to be worrying about. I feel life is so simple without a lot of gadgets around us.

The Therapy Water Villa and Lux* ME spa lounge

What we did there?

I'm not a swimmer and my husband, although enjoys it but is still not an expert at it. That prevented us from doing all the water related stuff. We couldn't go for snorkelling or deep sea diving. There were baby sharks, stingray and so many fishes all around, we enjoyed watching them (I couldn't catch sharks and stingray on my camera, but saw them multiple times). It's like all the species are living in a harmonious way together.

Thats one of the many crabs, one chameleon, a bird and one of the fishes I could catch on my camera

We booked a sunset cruise and even if it was clouded, we absolutely loved the cruise. The infinity pools at resort were awesome, the hammocks and swings all around the island were photo worthy. And one more thing we did was click pictures... of us..

Love in the air!

and our son having fun..

and my handsome husband ..

and well he returned the favour with ..

Yours truly!

We also were able to get a photoshoot done by 'Photo fanatics' and let me tell you, the words 'complimentary photoshoot' is a trick! They tell you its complimentary if you take just one photo and then you have your most amazing pics right in front of you. As they say in Lays Ad, no one can have just one, we too ended up spending to take these memories of lifetime home. It was a bargain though so no regrets.

Have a look right here.. Click on right arrow to view more..

.. and Lastly

Vacations like these take you away from all the hustle bustle, for once we were not shopping or running around or stuck in traffic or pollution or even checking our phones from time to time.

It was a detox in every way possible.

The air we breathe, the walk down the beach with sand and waves crashing at my feet, I was living every moment. I wanted to take in every second of being there and soak it in myself. I sometimes felt that we should live at places like that, but then I saw the crabs crawling at nights and my thoughts took a back seat. :D (that was the only scary thing btw)

And just like that it was over, we were on our flight back to India and the vacation had come to an end. All the while, when we packed our bags and checked out of the room, when we waited at the reception and then at the east point to depart, when we sat on our aircraft connecting the island to Maldives Airport and then again when we collected our stuff and left for India, all the while I kept thinking if we have left anything back? If we have forgotten anything? And I knew somewhere in my heart, a part of me still decided to stay there reminiscing the time spent at that island, under the starry sky and on the beach, romancing the waves.

One of the most spectacular sunsets we witnessed..

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