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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Can you be happy if you are not doing good health-wise? I can't! I know for sure that the biggest day of my life can be ruined by a simple headache. I need a good health and energy to enjoy every moment that comes my way. Here I'm beginning with my first challenge to leading a 'Happier Life'.

Last year began with a fitness challenge, started by a very dear friend, with bare minimal goal just to kickstart everyone on the idea of staying fit. I was more than happy to join, after all my son was now 7 months and I kept procrastinating losing weight. This was the perfect opportunity. The goal was to workout minimum 3 days a week starting with only 15 mins a day (which kept increasing by 5 mins every week), Sounds easy! right?. I jumped full throttle into this one with some more added rules for myself,

1. I was going to count my calories on HealthifyMe app (No promotion here!! Just the reality)

2. I was going to do 30 mins from day 1.

3. I was going to do it for 5 days a week at least.

4. The workout I chose was 'Walking'. (After all 'walking on your terrace' needs least bit of effort.)

I started with it and believe it or not I lost whopping 8 kgs of post baby weight in 1.5 month. I continued it for another month too, but as soon as I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I gave up. I stopped doing it completely and I had plenty of excuses for that. I neither gained nor lost any more weight after that, so I was okay with not working out. I got an idea of how much I need to eat through the app, so I stopped counting calories too. Well you can say Health took a backseat then.

This year brought me 'Migraine', Its like King Cobra of headaches and I had it previously too (like once a month or so) but this year I was engulfed in it twice or thrice a week. Sometimes it would go on continuously for 2-3 days. I was not able to move my head, every sound above a certain frequency would hit me directly in head (including my child's cries at times, utensils' noise was the worse), I couldn't bend as the 'wave' would hit throughout the head. I took pain killers but they were of no help. My Dad got me a prescription of migraine medicines and they did help, but I found them pretty addictive so started avoiding those too.

It was around this time that I happened to visit my parents place and they made me go to a naturopathy centre. The doctor advised me to take a 10-day programme in the centre itself.I wasn't staying there for that long so I bargained (kind of) to take up the programme for 5 days and promised that I'll continue it by myself once I'm back to Delhi. I was needed to be at the centre by 6:30 AM, so I was getting up at 5:15, freshen up and leave by 6, to reach on time. 6:30 AM sharp, the Yoga would begin. Yoga class would end by 7:30 AM with 5 mins of meditation daily. Post Yoga, the doctor would take a look at your sheet and prescribe some kriyas. I was prescribed 'Neti-Kriya', 'Kunjal-kriya' (not to be done daily and to be continued only once a week preferably) followed by 'Garaara' (Gargles). Post that a head & back massage followed by steam.

I can not even begin to tell you how good it was. The very first day I felt like my brain has been rebooted, like it had dust accumulated over years and it has been cleaned off. It has let go of all the negativity and all the aches. I felt fresh physically and mentally. I felt clear like water. I was learning the sequence of yoga-asanas so that I don't have an issue doing them myself at home. I was looking forward to it every day. The mornings were calm and I felt rejuvenated.

I bought myself a 'Neti' vessel and came back to Delhi. I was so happy doing it that I continued it for some 15 days here. Know what happened then? I was free of migraine and I got bored of following the same routine daily (you know getting up early, rushing the chores to sleep on time and feeling drowsy in afternoons after sleeping 5-6 hrs at night). I left the kriyas first, then I left yoga and then started the same old routine of rush-hour mornings. The effect of the program was so good that for nearly two months, Migraine was not even close. For lighter headaches I was prescribed some breathing exercises and accupressure points and they worked like charm.

Its been three months since I took that program, but now the ghosts of my bad health have started haunting me again. I weaned off my baby few months ago and have gained 4 kgs since AND sometime back I had a headache so bad that I was rushed to the hospital. This has made me realise three things:

1. Always listen to your parents! (My Dad has been after me for past 15 years to make Yoga a habit every morning. He says you should start your day with it, even if you do it for 5 mins.)

2. Yoga works! And it works in a way no medicine can.

3. You just can't put your health last in your list of priorities, so make a plan that works for you and stick to it. If it gets monotonous then re-plan and get started again.

The below quote has got me going time and again..

Inevitably at some point you will fall off the wagon. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is having the courage to get back on again.

There's a lot more to being healthy, both physically and mentally and I can dedicate a whole blog to it, but lets take one step at a time, solve one problem and then move on to next.

So this time, as I take up the project of leading a happier life, I have to do it right. Like any other project, this too will have a plan, implementation guidelines, timelines and as part of Validation process I am going to put up a post on this blog which will be updated weekly /bi-weekly with whatever progress I make. Putting it out there will make me answerable and I will have to push myself to do it.

Will follow up soon with my plan and details! Think about your way forward till then on a healthy living and lifestyle..

PS: So the above-mentioned stuff worked for me, but it definitely doesn't mean that it's the only way forward if you have migraine, or if you want to lose weight. Its the channel that I chose, the path may be different for everyone but our destination should be a 'healthy life'. Also, the kriyas which I mentioned earlier are not as easy as they sound. They are to be done under proper supervision initially.

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