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Updated: Jul 21, 2018

10- July- 2018:

The Plan:

I was supposed to share this last week, and that was too hopeful of me to do so. We had our vacation planned and I got super busy. Now that I'm back (with some unwanted tanning and vacation weight), I have all the more reason to commence my plan as soon as possible. This one is a small post, basically just setting the guidelines and following up on my previous post.

The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen.

First things first, lets talk about the workout. Last week was a big disappointment as neither I could sleep on time nor could I wake up on time and then followed the vacation. This week I'm more focussed and at least the current sleep cycle of my baby boy matches the schedule I want to go for (*touchwood*), so I should be able to catch up.

I have set a few ground rules for myself and they are:

1. Initial goal is to make my regime work for 2 months. I'll evaluate what worked for me and what didn't after 2 months from now.

2. 120 minutes of workout every week. (I'm going to be flexible that way, a daily goal would result in disappointment if broken even once but a weekly goal would help me stay hopeful even if I have one or two bad days in between)

3. Do the kriyas (both neti-kriya and kunjal-kriya) at least once a week.

4. Switch from yoga to walk and back to yoga to keep away monotony.

5. Watch my diet. I tend to skip salads almost regularly. Making it a part of my diet is also something I'll need to work upon. Also I need to add at least a fruit in my diet daily.

6. Avoid sugars. I have a sweet tooth and saying no to desserts is the most tough thing to do. I can't avoid sugar in my morning and evening milk, but I have to limit my intake in between. (My husband has left sugar for good, I can't imagine how he drinks even coffee without it but kudos to him for doing so.)

7. Follow the above rules

I'm not going to record my diet on HealthifyMe App this time, I'll go with my instinct on that. I am also working on a page dedicated to tracking all that I'm doing and it should be out soon.

Thats all for now! Signing off with this :)

Be your own SUPERHERO!! :)

21- July-2018:

I have followed no. 5 and 6 pretty much so far. Its no. 1 which has become a mission impossible on its own. My son got his sleep cycle disturbed and bam! there goes all my promises to myself. I still controlled my diet (and that has only prevented me from gaining any more weight) but I have not been able to make a workout schedule for myself. Truth to be told I hated all the workout sessions I did,

God! I have become so lazy or is this the 'mausum'? I tried yoga but hated doing it in the confines of my room and construction upstairs prevented me from doing it there as well. Then next I tried 'Walking' and the humidity even at 6 AM made it such a drag. I even visited a power yoga centre nearby but hated the sight of it. I have started feeling so low on metabolism that everything looks like a stretch to me.

I really need to pick up my pieces and try again.

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