The eclipse that lasted a fortnight!

I'm thankful to the lunar eclipse last night for letting me get over something which was blocking my thought process for past two weeks. I could experience all that was happening in our galaxy very much in my own Life. My moon of positivity was shadowed heavily to colour red by this giant ball of negativity and a clouded sky which disabled me from thinking, let alone writing. It was only after watching countless photos and videos of the blood moon (that I couldn't see or capture in person) I realised that the moon shines way brighter post eclipse.

I was really enjoying my writing time prior to this and then from past few days all I could think of was thoughts like I've jinxed myself (as if that was even possible). My health challenge took the biggest blow out of it. When you lose your focus, you tend to lose more than you think, and that actually happened. The only thing I have gained recently is all the weight I lost initially (with interest). I felt myself at the centre of some web and any attempt to move in any direction whatsoever was fruitless. It was like dominoes falling.

So what caused me all that negativity? It was my inability to function in a way I desired. I dont want to blame but somewhere my son's sleep schedule was colliding with my schedule. It began with late nights ending in tired mornings. A rush throughout the day to catch a glimpse of peace and then before you know the peace is overshadowed by another dash of rush. Writing was like a therapy for myself and not being able to do so caused this wave of disturbance causing negativity, which in turn didn't let me write. It was a vicious circle.

Life is not perfect for anyone, a hundred of such eclipses go unnoticed in the life of people around us on a daily basis. Opening up about them takes a lot of courage and a very brave face. But why? It is a natural thing, happens to everyone, then why do we need to be brave about it? May be because we can't stop people from judging us and may be because we can't stop ourselves to be defined by people around us. Everyone likes a nice painting on the wall, but if that wall bears a crack, then that crack will be the talk of the town. The painting, however difficult and hard work it took, loses focus and the judgement begins.

Let a man be endowed with ten virtues and have but one fault and the one fault will eclipse and darken all the virtues - Martin Luther

We tend to hide our flaws and bandage them, but in our heart they still take up some important space, which germinates to negativity. Only if we can accept everyone, ourselves included, spread positivity and do our own thing. I highly believe in 'Doing our own thing', like flowers,

"A Flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms!"

Believing that this eclipse will leave me shining brighter than ever gives hope and faith to look beyond the shadow and the clouds. It took me two weeks to start feeling the eclipse will pass and to still have patience but it can be longer for some and shorter for some others. It's going to keep coming back and may be this is what the whole universe wants us to learn.

The mightiest Sun can be overshadowed by a humble Moon when its time. It can be fierce and it can be beautiful, it can be pitch dark or even blushing crimson, but what they reflect is a play of lights. Learning the best lessons of Life from our nature is what gives us a purpose. I'm glad the eclipse happened and I'm glad it passed.

PS: Shot this picture of moon, a day after full moon, sometime back, without a tripod! (talk about finding faults :) )

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